If you want to build well toned muscles then you should be having a rigorous exercise regime and a strict diet.  And whatever fitness system you follow, it is great to take supplements side by side with your diet.  Supplements are just really supplements, though, and you need to remember that.  A solid diet plan is more important and should not be replaced by supplements.  You should take supplements side by side with your current diet which gives you another source of vitamins or nutrients that are lacking in the food you take in.  Look at supplements as enhancements and not replacements to your food intake. 

The market is full of supplements that are good for the body so it might give you a difficult time to decide which one to choose.  But if your main goals it muscle building, here are some of the top supplements for building muscles. 

Protein is natural substance which is composed of amino acid units.  Muscles are basically made of amino acids.  Protein is necessary for body growth and we find amino acids present in almost every food we take.  If a person is deficient in protein then he can suffer from muscle dystrophy.  Soy, whey, casein, and egg are the main sources of protein.  The composition, prices, and digestion rate for each of these substances are different.  The most common used protein supplement is whey protein because it is known to be the most fast acting.  People who are lactose intolerant or are vegetarians should take soy protein supplements. 

If you are working out to build your muscles, you necessarily have to lift weights.  Injuries like dislocations and strains are the result of improper weight lifting.  However, it is only natural to experience trauma after lifting a heavy weight, so it is recommended that you take glutamine supplements.  To help the body recover after trauma, glutamine supplements help.  And adding glutamine supplement to your healthy diet will help increase your muscle building rate.If you want to read more about supplements, you can go to 

Whether you aim to build your muscles or not, multivitamins and minerals from hyper tone excel are always important to the body.  People with vitamin deficiencies unusually always get sick.  Sometimes even if you eat a balanced diet the entry of vitamins and minerals into your body is not assured.  Taking multivitamins help provide for the lack of vitamins and minerals in our food. 


Muscle building involves a thorough work out and a careful and strict diet plan.  If you are really determined to achieve a healthy, fit, and muscular body, you need to put emphasis on the top supplements for building muscles.   Be careful when you buy your supplements, because you might just be wasting your money on unnecessary supplements.  You are free to take the hypertone supplements which were mentioned earlier but you can add others if necessary.